Let’s Get You Squared Away 

Multi Family Services

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Multi Family

Are you looking for a reliable contractor that understands property managers?

Simple solutions for your most complicated problems. Here at Home Squared Pros our primary goal is to be your one stop shop for all things maintenance, turns, projects, and tenant appreciation. If there’s something that you’re looking for, we have a program or vendor for you. Our speciality is multi family and we are proud of it.  

Multi-Family Services

Let's Get you Squared Away.

Tired of having to call an excess of vendors to get one job done? We are here to help you get squared away with just one simple call. Explore our services.

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Our Team

Eduardo Doldan

Eduardo has been in the painting business for a few years, he also has knowledge of flooring services. Born in Chulavista, California but now resides in Omaha, Nebraska. He spends his free time working on projects and watching his favorite sports teams!

Jay Diaz

Jay has been in the painting for around two years with five years previous experience in flooring. Born and raised
in Omaha, Nebraska; he enjoys
spending his free time outdoors doing activities such as hiking, biking, and canoeing.

Louie Doldan

Louie has been in the painting business for three years. Originally from San Diego, California he now resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Louie is a big fan of football and you can find him cheering on his favorite team the LA Chargers. He also loves to hike and skateboard.

Keys on Monday, Unit Done on Friday

Paint, Projects, & Turns

Multi Family Services

Property Managers have a lot on their plate; residents, community, projects, turns, bids, meetings, budgets, invoices, maintenance, and so much more. We are here to help ease that burden. Units need to be move in ready and we hope to come in to take that burden away. We want to be your teammate and get to work. 

  • We are a one stop shop for property managers. One vendor to do everything you need.
  •  We get keys to the unit on Monday and by Friday everything is done. Get your peace of mind & save money. 
  • Do you need a bid? Concrete, Flooring, Roofs, Swimming Pools? With our preferred partners we can help you round up 3 bids to get the job done.
  • One company, One invoice, One high five.